Why Puerto Rican women are reclaiming their right to walk alone



Women in Puerto Rico have launched a social media campaign pushing back against comments by a high-ranking police officer who suggested women should not be walking alone, especially at night. The officer’s remarks came after Ivania Zayas, a 38-year-old singer songwriter, was run over and killed on Feb. 8 in a hit-and-run accident as she tried to cross a busy road in the San Juan neighborhood of Rio Piedras.

The police lieutenant, Felix Bauzó, was quoted as saying in a press conference about the investigation: “It’s not normal for a lady to be crossing [the street] at 1 a.m., and that’s why we need to investigate if she was alone. If she was alone, then it’s worrisome, and if she was with someone, we should find out where she was coming from, what she was doing … those sorts of details.” Bauzó has since apologized for his remarks.

After Bauzó’s comments were reported…

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